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Update on 2019 and 2020 Frontiers Conferences

** SOLD OUT **

Frontiers 4 2019: October 30 – November 3rd, 2019.
$2,400 - ALl inclusive trip - includes all legal academic visas

We are doing a more intimate meeting/tour as it will be held in Havana, Cuba with all the proper licenses to go.

  • We just received 10 additional Visas from the Cuba government!

  • Will emphasize topics on not only Ozone Therapy but Hydrogen Therapy research, protocols and uses.

  • Noted expert speakers :
    Dr Frank Shallenberger
    Dr Carmen Mora & Dennis Harper
    Dr Eric Zaremski
    Dr Fadi Sabbah
    Dr Tim Rainey

    Tour each day visits all the historic places in Havana.

  • Lecture and Hands-On in the mornings and afternoon with evening tours and events planned.

Frontiers 4 USA Speakers: Havana Cuba


Frontiers 5 2020: NOVEMBER 5 – 8th, 2020

In 2020 we will be moving the conference back to the East Coast - Miami , Florida.

We will go back to the conference like format.

Stay Tuned for Details!



The Ozone Reference Book:
"Advances of Ozone Therapy in Medicine & Dentistry"

Medical experts in the use of ozone for clinical use write a book detailing the clinical uses of ozone in the fields of medicine and dentistry. The book was introduced at the Frontiers in Ozone Meeting. Order your copy today!

Advances of Ozone Therapy in Medicine and Dentistry

By Dr. Silvia A. Menéndez & Dr. Mark T. Weiser.

The aim of this book is to give a clear idea about the ozone mechanism of action, as well as to understand what is known about ozone therapy and what new things we should try to learn about it. 

This book, in English now, has two parts:

Use of Ozone in Medicine and Use of Ozone in Dentistry.

Dentistry is referred to ozone in dental care.

Read More about the Book

Buy the Book

About the authors

Dr. Silvia A. Menéndez, PhD in Chemistry, Full Researcher, Specialist in Ozone Therapy introduced ozone therapy in Cuba in 1986 and was Head of the OzoneClinic of the Ozone Research Center, belonging to the National Center for Scientific Research, until 2011 (for 25 years). Currently, she is coordinator of International and National Courses of Ozone Therapy. Dr. Menéndez is author of two patents, 2 medication registrations and a new therapeutic indication for ozonated sunflower oil, as well as of a book, chapters of books, and more than 50 articles, published in peer-reviewed journals for the past 15 years, all in the field of ozone therapy. She has supervised over 40 theses, imparted 58 national and international courses and participated in over 120 international scientific congresses with 253 research works, invited to countries, such as Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, USA, Barbados, Japan, Egypt and India to offer lectures. She has received several medals and international and national awards for her work deployed in the field of ozone therapy. 

Dr. Mark T. Weiser, DDS, Fellow, Academy of Laser Dentistry, Fellow, Academy of American Ozone Therapy, was one of the first clinical ozone users in the USA, practicing with ozone now for over 15 years. He has attended over 26 post graduate courses and is an author or co-author of 5 different papers and books. Dr. Weiser has collaborated in several research articles on the use of ozone in dentistry in a clinical setting as well as ozone safety. He has lectured both in the USA and Internationally on the clinical uses of ozone in dentistry. Dr. Weiser has impart- ed over 16 international congresses and courses in places like Switzerland, Cuba, Spain, China, Brazil and Mexico. He organized and put on the recent International Ozone Conference held in Varadero, Cuba where he was President. Dr. Weiser continues research in collaboration with Dr. Silvia Menéndez and others in Cuba on effects and safety of ozone in a clinical setting. 


Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 5.04.23 PM.png
1st Ever Ozone Book for Veterinarians! Unveiled at this meeting

By Dr. Zullyt B. Zamora Rodriguez, PhD & Dr. Mark T. Weiser.

This is a brand new book we just published.

1st Ever Ozone Book for Veterinarians!

The Book contains 9 chapters that provide up-to-date scientific information that addresses all the necessary Ozone Therapy issues.

Unveiled at Frontiers 2 Ozone Conference November 2017

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