L. Cursio, G.Menaldo. Unite Research of Global Medicine, I. P. O .G., Turin, Italy. Low back pain presents nowadays a very serious socio-economic problem. It seems that at least once in life, 65 % of people, taken randomly from the total population, complains of serious low back, which may be further complicated into leg pain (schialgia). For this study we considered hernia of the spinal column located in L4- L5, L5-S1, because this sites represent 90 % of all back bone hernias. Patients complain of a variety of symptoms: some having only a slight back ache in the lumbar region, others refering symptoms of serious pain, which extended to the leg, sometimes complicated by a loss of feelings sensation (paraesthesia) and hipotonic muscles. This study comprised 73 patients. We used mixture of oxygen-ozone and colocynthiscimicifuga injected intramuscularly around the vertebra. The mixture of 20 mL of oxygen-ozone was injected into four sites with 4 mL (total) of colocynthis-cimicifuga near vertebra l4-l5 and l5-s1, bilaterally. The pain felt after the injection, lasted only a few minutes, no side effect or complication was referred. In 57 patients pain totally disappeared and all symptoms and muscles tone returned to normal. In 16 patients the pain improved and symptoms were reduced, but non completely suppressed. We can say that despite 20 % of failure, 80 % of our patients was enthusiastic about the outcome, considering the small effort required of them.

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