Frontiers in Ozone 2

Now is your Chance to watch the entire conference on our recordings!

Standing room only to Hear Dr Shallenberger , Dr Mollica and Harris, Dr Silvia Menendez and Dr Fadi Sabbah and more!

Conference Recording: Frontiers 2

All 3 Days of Conference (Conference Only)

Medical & Dental Sessions.

Hear from all the  speakers at this year's Sold Out Conference.

Standing room only presentations by Dr Shallenberger , Dr Mollica and Harris, Dr Silvia Menendez and Dr Fadi Sabbah and more!

November 3-5 2017 in Santa Barbara, CA

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Special WORKSHOPS - Recordings: 

For those who missed the workshops  you can buy those days too. 


Dr. Julian Holmes

"A Practical Day with Julian Holmes

Conference Recording: A Practical Day with Julian Holmes (Nov 2 - Full Day Workshop)

Full Recording of Dr. Holmes Session on November 2, 2017 in Santa Barbara.

A good intro recording for team members and colleagues

Highlights include:

Dr. Holmes plus basic dentistry with Ozone by Dr. William Domb and Dr. Dennis Mihalka

Full Day Session Includes

Offers practitioners an opportunity to see full—mouth ozone trays being constructed and then making your own treatment tray, simple soft suck—down trays for treatment with ozone oils. 

Dr Domb went over zone equipment and making ozone trays

Dr Mihalka making office ozonated water system made easy

Dr Holmes video on other new modalities of ozone use

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Dr. Ruhi Cakir, MD

Autologous Therapies Course and Workshop

Conference Recording: Dr. Ruhi Cakir, MD - Stem Cell and Autologous Therapies using Ozone.

Full Recording of Dr. Cakir's  Session on November 2, 2017 in Santa Barbara

Highlights include:

Stem Cell and Autologous Therapies using Ozone.

Filled with lecture and demonstrations of how to use PRP and PRF and other therapies using Ozone.

Lecture, Demos and Workshop.

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Dr. Marcelo Valio Day

Course by Dr. Marcelo Valio, award winning and noted cosmetic physician from Brazil.

Conference Recording: Dr. Marcelo Valio

Full Recording of Dr. Valio Session on November 6, 2017 in Santa Barbara

Ever popular cosmetic surgeon from Brazil, Dr Marcelo Valio lecturing ,demos and hands on of the CODE technique, a non surgical facelift using ozone injections

All New Course Material for 2017 -UPDATE IN COSMETIC OZONE USING THE “CODE” TECHNIQUES (“CODE” Technique - Compartmental Detachment Technique - Improvement of Controlled Ozone Infusion - Facial and Body Ozonotherapy)

Also can purchase last years recordings talking about anti-aging, hair loss and cellulite using ozone techniques

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2016 Conference Recordings: Dr. Valio's Cosmetic Ozone Day
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The Newest & Definitive publiciations on Ozone Therapy

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1st Ever Ozone Book for Veterinarians! Unveiled at this meeting

By Dr. Zullyt B. Zamora Rodriguez, PhD & Dr. Mark T. Weiser.

This is a brand new book we just published.

1st Ever Ozone Book for Veterinarians!

The Book contains 9 chapters that provide up-to-date scientific information that addresses all the necessary Ozone Therapy issues.

Unveiled at Frontiers 2 Ozone Conference November 2017

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Advances of Ozone Therapy in Medicine and Dentistry
275.00 395.00

By Dr. Silvia A. Menéndez & Dr. Mark T. Weiser.

The aim of this book is to give a clear idea about the ozone mechanism of action, as well as to understand what is known about ozone therapy and what new things we should try to learn about it. 

This book, in English now, has two parts:

Use of Ozone in Medicine and Use of Ozone in Dentistry.

Dentistry is referred to ozone in dental care.

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