Friday November 2, 2018

Friday November 2, 2018


Dental Ozone Presentations

9am: Ozone Therapy in Integrative and Biologic Dentistry
Dr Magda Sigueira (Brazil)

9:30 am: Integrated healthcare practice survival guide. Observations from the trenches.
Dr Craig Young (Canada)

10:45am: Oral Systemic issues in Dentistry to be aware of.
Dr Greg Sawyer (USA)

11:15 am Ozone & caries and Direct/Indirect pulp capping with success!
Dr Mark Malterud (USA)

1pm: Maintaining tooth vitality with ozone therapy
Dr Val Kantor and Mark Colonna (USA)

2:30pm: Effect of 03 on the levels of Nitric Oxide in Chronic Periodontitis.
Dr Mirna Perez (Mexico)

3:30pm Ozonated water: A practical guide for healthcare professionals
 Fadi Sabbah and Carlos Nogales   ( Lebanon, Brazil)

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