Non Surgical Facelift using Ozone


Non Surgical Facelift using Ozone


Sunday Nov 4th 9am to 4pm

Introduction to “CODE”  (compartmental detachment technique) & Multi-plane technique

Capillary treatment, Facial treatment, After liposuction treatment with “CODE”
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Non Surgical Facelift using Ozone - Facial and Body
Ozonotherapy - Dr Marcelo Valio MD, Brazil

Agenda and Program
9:00am · Review of the mechanisms of action of Ozone
· Introduction to “CODE”  technique - compartmental detachment technique
· Organic response to the mechanical action of controlled ozone infusion
· Multi-plane technique
· Combined with mesotherapy, PDO threads, etc ...
· Capillary treatment with “CODE”- compartmental detachment technique
Treatment of sagging skin with “CODE”- compartmental detachment technique
· Facial treatment with “CODE”- compartmental detachment technique
· Practical technique of “CODE” - compartmental detachment technique
After liposuction treatment with “CODE”- compartmental detachment technique
With this technique you will learn how to optimize your results in ozone therapy cosmetics with an
upgrade in the application technique.

Hot and New Topics /Protocols to this Course

Know and respecting the interval between applications depending on the plan accomplished is one of
the keys to therapeutic success.
for a good result of a cosmetic ozonetherapy, it should always be distributed in multiplans using also the
"CODE" technique
The application in the classic plan aims at the treatment of the fat layer and can be used more
The application in the plane of detachment, one of its attributions is the retraction of the tissue,
interesting the treatment of sagging and can help the reduction of bone resorption.
The application in the meso-ozone plan improves circulation and can be performed at more frequent
intervals, depending on each case.
You will learn how to prevent and treat tissue adhesions after liposuction, thereby optimizing the result
of liposuction and improving your esthetic outcome.