Introduction to Dental Ozone


Introduction to Dental Ozone


(Included in 3 Day Conference Admission)
Thursday Nov 1st 9am - 4pm

What is Ozone - History, Key characteristics

Ozone Safety & Equipment

Ozone Applications in Dentistry

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What is ozone
Physical characteristics
How delivered...Gas, Water and Oil
    half life, etc.
Key characteristics
    Anti microbial...sure, easy to demonstrate with a few slides of how effective ozone water is in controlling dental unit water  line microbes...
    Anti anti inflammatory  use oil on implant healing cuffs...profound lack of inflammation, and just pink tissues...and no smell
    Analgesic effect
    Stimulates the immune system.

Ozone safety
    What to do and and not to do
    Problem resolution
    Other Issues  every thing we have encountered and have learned that would be beneficial for a newbees to know

    Go over oxygen, cylinders, regulators, washers, techniques for use, etc.
    Concept of materials affected by ozone and not. We know so much more that when we started 10 years ago...
Applications in dentistry
    desensitize teeth...easy application that can be done day one.
    application of ozone oil to gum inflammation, cold sores, other wounds..not so difficult
    dental unit water lines...any system that puts out clean ozonated water minimum 3 ppm from distilled water to avoid other ROS
   caries, deep lesions, endo, etc.
    As you wish, get  into more advanced treatment applications
    Show/tell/touch hand pieces, trays systems, ear insufflation,
    Pass around samples, do TV demos, etc.