Dr. Oscar Ernesto Ledea

Bachelor in Science degree in Radiochemistry at the Superior Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology (Havana City, Cuba) in 1991. Founder of Ozone Research Center in Havana (1994). PhD degrees in Chemistry since 2003. Post doctorate on pharmaceutical technology and biomaterials. Full researcher on National Center of Scientific Research since 2007. Specialist in the ozone chemistry and ozonated products, physico-chemical characterization and biological evaluation. Its works support Medical Ozone treatments and ozonated substances (like vegetable oils) for applications in human and veterinary medicine. Also, has work on the use of ozone for obtaining ozonated vegetable oils and the treatment of emerging contaminants present on wastewaters from pharmaceutical industry. Author of more than 68 publications in scientific journals and co-author of one book about Ozone therapy. Professor of national and international courses of ozone applications. Author of three patents related to ozonated oils and author of several cosmetics and drugs registers. He has directed national or international different research-development projects related to ozone applications. He has been tutor and advisor of several universities, MSc and Ph. D. theses. He has participated as speaker in several international congresses and scientific meetings in different countries. Has received several awards, among them stands out Carlos J. Finlay Order, maximum distinction for Cuban scientists and the annual award from the Cuban Academy of Sciences.