Dr. Maria Teresa Diaz Soto

Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Pharmacy and Food (IFAL), Havana University. Member of the Cuban Society of Pharmacology and of the Cuban Society of Pharmacy. Member of the Career Committee of Pharmaceutical Sciences of IFAL (HU) (Head of Pharmacology Science Discipline). Member of the National Career Committee of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cuba. Member of Project: “ASABI (Addictions-Health and Human Wellbeing) with an approach to health promotion, physical culture, Engineering and Architecture” (University Extension Department, HU). Member of Educational Categories Court (IFAL). Member of the Pharmacology Doctoral/ Master´s Committee of IFAL-HU. Member of the Prevention Program against illegal use of drugs of UH. Dr. Diaz is master´s court thesis opponent in Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and has participated in the National Committee of Pharmacology Olympics. She published 10 articles in national and international magazines and is a book collaborator and has received 8 national awards.