Magda Siqueira


Dentists have been dedicate their full time and effort to restorative and surgery procedures in a sophisticated way, like the ancestors for more than a century. Integrative Dentistry shows that systemic approach must be taken into account when the diagnostic is been performed.

Often challenges in our day-to-day practice show different kinds of patients who do not respond to conventional treatments. Thus, we must play the role of a detective and improve the general health and provide homeostasis to improve the dental treatment outcomes. So ozone therapy is a fundamental tool to take part of this proccess. What does it take to ozone to improve repairing?

Since oral cavity is part of the individual, it will be affected by any systemic condition.

Magda Siqueira has a degree in dentistry, Specialist in Restorative Dentistry,
Specialist in Endodontics, and took part in the Nutrition Adequation and
Homeostasis Maintenance course in 2017, is a Member of the Câmera Técnica
de Ozonioterapia do Conselho Regional de Odontologia de São Paulo
(Technical Chamber of Ozone Therapy of the Regional Dentistry Council of São
Paulo). She has got a Lactu Sensu specialization in Nutritional Adequacy and
Maintenance of Endocrinol Homeostasis – Prevention and Treatment of Aging
Related Diseases (2017). She held lectures in the 20th Ozone Therapy Course
/ ABOZ (Brazilian Association of Ozone Therapy) and in the 2nd Alumni
Meeting / ABO (Brazilian Dentistry Association, Araraquara Regional). She also
held lectures in the 21st course about Ozone Therapy application in Dentistry /
ABOZ. She has been the coordinator of “Ozone Therapy Qualification“ at
FACOP (Center-west College, Bauru and Araraquara Regional). In the same
year, attended a theoretical and practical course in Neural Therapy in Cordoba,
Argentina. She has given a series of presentations / lectures in the following
topics: Ozone Therapy in Biological Dentistry and Strategies for the Use of
Ceramic Aesthetics Restorations: building a step-by-step clinical protocol.
Recently, she becameresponsible for the implementation of Ozonotherapy in
Dentistry for the town hall of the city of São Carlos (2018).