Dr. Yasuhiro Shimpuku, DDS PhD

Improvement of capillary system by Systemic Ozone Therapy hematic

Dr. William Osler stated that “ A man is as old as his arteries.” It meant arteriosclerosis. Recently, capillary vessels have received attention for aging or health as well. Because it stretches around in human body, the whole length is over 100,000km, and 99% of blood vessel is  occupied by capillary vessels. The main function are gas exchange, substance permeation and leukocytic infiltration. Almost every cells in human body can be lived healthy under this function. If capillary system is fallen into dysfunction, hypoxia, malnutrition and dehydration will be expressed all over the body. Clinical data shows that this dysfunction is associated with high blood pressure, high blood sugar, hyperlipidemia and sympathetic nerve predominant state. 

Thus, observation of peripheral capillary vessels should be beneficial examination for diagnosis or prediction of disease, and evaluation for treatments. The state of art portable videomicroscopy is used for observation of peripheral capillary of skin at the base of a fingernail, and the attached gum tissue around the front tooth. Metabolic decomposition products, dermal papilla, the number of capillary vessels per unit area, the morphology and blood flow velocity are detected by the portable videomicroscopy for healthy person and unhealthy person who have systemic or topical problems, or who have poor life style habit. Furthermore, this examination was done for comparing the data before and after systemic ozone therapy hematic (SOT-h).

The data have shown that there are correlation between patients’ health condition and their peripheral capillary vessels condition. SOT-h can improve capillary system in skin at the base of a fingernail, and the attached gum tissue around the front tooth. Especially, blood flow velocity were drastically increased just after SOT-h in both site. The observation by the portable videomicroscopy and analyzing by Capiscope II soft ware could be beneficial examination for prevention and intervention of systemic and oral disease. 



The portable videomicroscopy examination revealed  that systemic ozone therapy hematic could increase peripheral blood flow in systemic and oral. Since almost oral disease are associated with low blood flow in gum tissue or alveolar bone tissue, SOT-h will be an adjunctive therapy for basic oral treatment. Same thing should be happen in every part of human body.


Dr. Yasuhiro Shimpuku, DDS PhD

Dr. Yasu Shimpuku have gotten DDS from Nihon University school of dentistry in 1992. He worked for Nihon University as a clinical faculty from 1992 to 2001. During this period, he was assigned to work as a researcher for University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has gotten PhD in dentistry from Nihon University in 1998. After finishing University work, he has practiced his dental clinic since 2001 in Miyazaki Japan. His main specialties is a Functional and Biological Dental Medicine including occlusion, implant, esthetics and anti-aging. He has adopted iv therapy and orthomolecular medicine for his patients for more than 8 years. Due to this functional and biological approach to his work, he has seen much better clinical results than ever before. He has done more than 6,000 systemic ozone therapy hematic to his patients already including oral cancer patients. He is the most experienced dentist of iv therapy including ozone treatment in Japan. Because of his abundant clinical experience and research, He has been asked to be a seminar lecturer of iv therapy not only by dentists but also by medical doctors. His course is held for almost every month in Tokyo and every course is full of participants coming from all over Japan. He has an ability to motivate dentists and medical doctors to provide better treatment. He is the founder of Functional and Biological Dental Medicine, an American board of anti-aging medicine(A4M), a KOIS graduate(KOIS center), a board member of Japanese College of iv therapy, a Japan chairman of WFOT and a clinical advisor of world’s major implant companies including zirconia implant.