Dr Robert Walker

“Embracing the Dark Side of Ozone Therapy”

While Ozone Tx has been shown to be safe and effective in most cases, it ALWAYS stresses certain
physiologic pathways, mainly the “REDUCTION SYSTEM”.
There is a certain sub-population of patients that are weak in these Reductase pathways, either from Genetic Variants or Nutrient Deficiencies.

How can you easily assess which of your patients need extra nutritional support?

What can you do to help this system?
- What is the rest of the Ozone Equation? aka REDUCTION!
- How to assess those most vulnerable to Ozone “side effects” and the increased Oxidative Stress.
- How to address excess Oxidative Stress and “Reduction Pathway Challenges” with Nutritionals.


Short Bio

Dr Walker;
Robert Walker DC is a Chiropractor with post graduate degrees in Neural Psychology and Human
Biochemistry/Nutrition. He has presented to Dental audiences for 30 years on Posture, Orthopedics,
Computer Diagnostics, Chirodontics and the Application of Functional Nutrition in clinical situations.
He will be presenting many pearls on when and how to incorporate Genomics and Nutritionals into your
Ozone Tx case plans, to improve clinical outcomes and provide an additional service to your patient’s.