Dr Craig Young ( Canada)


what should healthcare workers be looking for orally when they check their patients      and vice versa   what orally is relevant and we should be looking at gut and other issues..

I will be speaking on tongue diagnosis, how all health providers speak to their patients about their oral and systemic issues, and how to support the healthcare web of providers to enhance outcomes.

Biggest challenge I see is the inadequate communication and team approach that occurs in spite of all the awesome knowledge everyone has. No coordination of diagnosis, care, scheduling, syntax, collaboration.

In this world of trending individualized care, we all need to get better at communication with each other, including the patients, as in my humble option, this is currently one of the greatest obstacles to helping this world experience better quality of life and wellness.

 As well, most of us really don’t have a great framework to create systems and structure for our practices to implement this stuff, and monetize it without driving our staff crazy, and confusing our patients.

How does that fit your vision?