Asela Fernández

Dra. Asela Fernández

Name: Lidia Asela Fernández García

Day of birth: December 6, 1958

Place of birth: Havana, Cuba

Chemical Engineering by Technological University of Havana 1982. Ph. D, Full Researcher and Superior Biotechnologist of 1er Level by National Center of Scientific Research. Specialist in the development of gas-liquid system with the use of ozone for the treatment of water, wastewaters and obtention of ozonated vegetable oils. She worked in the design of ozonation systems. In the last years her research is related to the chemical-pharmaceutical characterization of OLEOZON®. Professor of international courses of ozone applications. Author of more than 60 publications in scientific journals, three chapters of scientific’s books, three patents related to ozonated oils and several product registrations. She has directed more than 10 research-development projects related to the obtention of ozonated products. She has been tutor of university, master's and doctoral theses. She has obtained several distinctions, among them stands out Carlos J. Finlay Order, that is the maximum distinction for the scientists in Cuba. She has participated in international congresses and scientific meetings in different countries where she has given lectures, among them are: Spain, Russia, United Kingdom, Peru, México and Brazil. Member of General Scientific Committee of National Center of Scientific Research. Member of World Ozone Therapy Federation and Chemistry Cuban Society.