Zullyt Zamora

Abstract Curriculum Vitae
Name: Zullyt Barbara Zamora Rodriguez
Day of birth: December 3, 1970
Place of birth: Havana, Cuba

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine by Agrarian University of Havana 1993. PhD, Full research by National Center of Scientific Research, and Auxiliary Professor by Agrarian University of Havana.

Founder of Ozone Research Center in Havana (1994). Specialist in the Researcher of Experimental Pharmacology of the uses of Medical Ozone and ozonized substances (oils) for theirs application in human and Veterinary Medicine. Author of more than 70 publications in scientific journals and author of the first book about Ozonetherapy in Veterinary Medicine. Professor of International Basic and Advanced Ozone Therapy courses for Human and Veterinary Doctors taught in Cuba, Mexico, Brazil and the USA. Tutor and adviser of different theses of graduates and medical specialties in the theme of Ozone therapy. He directed the research project on Ozone Therapy in septic shock and currently directs the research project on the use of ozone therapy in veterinary dermatology diseases. She has participated in international congresses and scientific meetings in different countries where she has given lectures, among them are United Kingdom, México and Brazil. Currently, member of the World Ozone Therapy Federation and Pharmacology Cuban Society.