Dennis L. Harper, DC

“Turning Degeneration into Regeneration”… Dr. Harper will be showing a progression of using Nutritional methods, Ozone, and Biologic Allograft to turn around the body’s degenerative cycles.  He will be separating the reality from the myth of “stem cells”; and how to integrate Biologic Allograft protocols into your practice. 

“Turning Regeneration into Profits”… We have heard from many doctors wanting to introduce alternative cash-based procedures.  In this portion we’ll talk about how to successfully integrate alternative treatment modalities into your practice.

Dennis L. Harper, DC

Dennis Harper, DC, is highly-recognized as one of the top speakers and trainers throughout the USA, of ozone therapies; many of which he has personally developed. His innovative techniques and expertise are sought after by practitioners and patients around the world. Dr. Harper is a licensed Chiropractor with a degree in Naturopathy who owns a thriving clinic in northern Idaho, where he is beloved by his patients that come from near and far to be treated by him personally. Driven by his patients, he has devoted many years to researching and understanding the medical uses of ozone—specifically in conjunction with advanced vitamin solutions and protocols. Dr. Harper, also a former Idaho Senator, has been an instrumental leader in molding the laws, standards and policies in the State of Idaho for the Chiropractic profession, and is actively engaged in the advancement of healthcare nationally as well as locally. He has successfully practiced for over 36 years treating over 21 thousand patients & has performed over 20 thousand Ozone/Vitamin injection treatments in the last 7 years. Dr. Harper continually strives to improve health care practices through education, teaching, seminars and mentorship. His broad scope medical expertise has allowed him to become highly effective in the examination and diagnosis process. These techniques have allowed him to produce highly successful treatments.

Integrating Ozone and Stem Cells into Your Practice

When ozone is added, in specific amounts and with proper techniques, to injection protocols the results are a massive increase in patient healing from joint and ligament degeneration, arthritic conditions, and scar tissue. Harper Restoration System techniques are considered regenerative therapies yielding a high success rate. Those types of outcomes have shown, in many cases, to be more effective than drugs and surgery combined. HRS offers an advanced method using Ozonated Clot Matrix (OCM) with Mesenchymal Cord Blood Stem Cells, creating a matrix which suspends the cells, allowing cells to proliferate healthy tissues at an accelerated rate. By using these minimally invasive, non-surgical alternatives for injuries and joint degeneration, the body is given the natural tools to begin to heal itself. Ozone stimulates the body’s natural healing process—rapidly relieving chronic pain and rebuilding damaged areas.

Integrating Ozone and Stem Cells into our Practice

Expert in

  •      Ozone & Vitamin injection and IV protocols

  •      He has changed the face of PRP with his Ozonated Clot Matrix (OCM) therapy

  •      He has created a Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy procedure, increasing effectiveness and changing lives

  •      Energy based medicine including PEMF