Dr. Carlos Nogales


Ozone therapy has been a revolution in health and in all aspects. Clinical conditions that the cure would be a doubt, the application of ozone leads to health in a short time.

Thus, the day-to- day clinic with ozone therapy you will be able to:

  • Reinforce the phase of chemomechanical preparation in endodontic treatment;
  • Provide comfort to the patient,
  • Root Canals using Ozone provides asymptomatic treatment;
  • Effective against endodontic infection;
  • Act in borderline situations between endodontics and dental implant; and
  • Oxidative capacity is critical to successful treatment.

The predictability in the prognosis of the root cannal

Carlos Goes Nogales

  • Graduated in 2002 – University of Mogi das Cruzes
  • Specialized and Master of Science in Endodontic – University of São Paulo
  • PhD in progress – University of São Paulo
  • Executive Director – Brazilian Association of Ozonetherapy
  • Co-founder of the International Association of Ozone in Healthcare
  • Co-responsible for the recognition of Ozonetherapy in Brazil
  • President of the Ozonetherapy Session in the Regional Board of Odontology in Brazil
  • Professor of the Endodontics Specialized Trainning Course – University of São Paulo
  • Invited research of the Technological Research Institute (IPT)
  • Author and co-author of scientific manuscripts and book chapters.