Dr. Julian Holmes

Dr Julian Holmes

Dr Julian Holmes has contributed over 70 book chapters, articles, scientific papers and IADR Abstracts to further the health professions knowledge of the role of ozone in patient-centered care over the last 20+ years. He has won numerous accolades and prizes for his research, and continues to teach around the globe, as illustrated by his recent trip to Sumatra to help equip and set up a new ozone clinic there. As past president of IAOH we are delighted to welcome Julian to this meeting so he can share some of the new technologies and treatment protocols he and others have been developing over the last few years. Currently, Julian is involved in research looking at Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment used with ozone, and he will be reporting on this new treatment modality at our November meeting. He acts as Clinical Director to GreyCell Enterprises where he manufactures and formulates new oils and healthcare products, and acts as Clinical Director to Asanti-Phalini Pty in South Africa. He collaborated with Professor Dr Silvia Menendez's for her new book on ozone, and is delighted that this ground-breaking book will be available at this meeting for delegates to purchase.