Dr Jose Calunga

Dr. José Luis F. Calunga, PhD

Dr. Calunga is an MD specialized in Pathology and a full time researcher who graduated from Cuba’s Medical School in Havana. Dr. Calunga taught at the university for years and earned his PhD in 2009. Dr. Calunga has participated in several clinical studies on ozone, such as a Phase III clinical study on the efficacy of ozonated oil in the treatment of Giardia; a Phase II clinical study on the efficacy of rectal ozone on redox balance in cronic kidney failure patients and a clinical study on ozone therapy in the treatment of disc hernias. Dr. Calunga been involved in the writing and publication of more than 30 research articles and books on ozone therapy, and has taught in international symposiums and more than 54 post- graduate degrees. He currently coordinates and leads advanced and basic ozone courses. Dr. Calunga has taught Ozone Therapy at the post-graduate level in Perú, Spain, Mexico, Chile and Brazil.


Dr. Calunga has received the following awards: the Velio Bocci First Prize for his work on ozone in the prevention of kidney damage, March 2011. First price in the Regional Conference on Orthopedics in the treatments of SOMA illnesses,
2009. Price for his work on bronchial hypersensitivity in mice, awarded by the High Institute of Army Medicine in Cuba, 2007. Special distinction prize of the year at the University in Cuba, 2006. Prize in the XVth National Science and Tecnology Forum for his work on the application of OLEOZON© in Giardia, Cuba, 2006.